Newberry Electric Cooperative is pleased to present Community Solar

Community Solar

To make solar energy more accessible to members, Newberry Electric Cooperative is pleased to present Community Solar.

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Community Solar lets you share in the benefits of solar without having to really do anything!  We’ve done all the work.

We have built a 250-kilowatt (KW) Community Solar behind our office on Wilson Road.  All eligible Newberry Electric residential members now have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 3 shares of solar power from the farm. It’s a terrific option for members.

Community Solar Advantages

  • It’s hassle free. No holes in your roof. No system to set up and maintain.
  • The co-op assumes all liabilities and maintenance on the solar system.
    • No solar panel cleaning
    • No safety concerns
  • No burdensome homeowner association restrictions
  • Subscriptions are transferable from location to location with the member
  • Community Solar creates clean energy that is environmentally friendly.


How it works

  1. Decide how many shares of solar power are right for you. If you’d like more Community Solar later and it is available, you can select additional shares.
  2. Complete the subscription agreement. Then pay the non-refundable upfront charge per shares subscribed.
  3. Start receiving solar-energy credits on your monthly electric bill. Each month, you will receive credit for a portion of the production from the Community Solar farm. Your portion is based on how many solar shares you have selected.


  • Non-refundable upfront charge – $300 per share
  • Monthly charge – $5 per share
  • Monthly credit – Average of 150 kWh

How much do I need? 

The average residential member uses approximately 1,200 kWh per month

Please note: these figures are only averages; solar energy production will fluctuate month to month based on weather and time of year.

Ready to sign up?  Just call us at 803-276-1121 and ask about  Community Solar!

Please click here to print the subscription enrollment form.